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A game trailor that I made.

Artboard 3_edited.jpg

It is about a boy starting his adventure with the powers of Dragons.


The short film was made by a group of two. I am responsible for rigging, environment and props modeling, FX, look development, lighting, and compositing in the production.


Used Software:
Maya, ZBrush, Speedtree, World Machine, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine

Concepts and Explorations

By Karley Yu



I was responsible for all the riggings in this short film, including Ryu, his grandpa, and the dragons. 

Walk cycle animation tests of Ryu and Grandpa

It was enjoyable and exciting to rig the dragon because its unique anatomy was fun to research and execute.


I was the environment TD in this project. I created the island, the forest, and the cave with multiple software.

This open-world island was created with World Machine. I modeled the props and assets, then executed, animated the foliage and set dressing in Unreal Engine.

I used Runtime Virtual Texture to blend the grass and some props to create a cel-shaped landscape environment and added dynamic behavior to some foliage to create bending effects.


Process of executing the cave.

The cave scene is vital to the film, where Ryu finds the Dragon's power and starts his journey.

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