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Roll a fox

It is a mini game about a fox who travels around to find the treasure.

This is the first game I made in my Game Design class, where I started making games and learning C#.​

Used Software:
Unity, Unity C# with Visual Studio


Click the cloud, download the demo, and play!



Greyboxing is essential in games, where I draft a playable but simple version before dressing it up. In this game, I used some basic meshes in Unity to create a block out and import all the scripts I wrote in Visual Studio to Unity to playtest the level.


This is a basic game in which "the ball" needs to roll to all the little yellow boxes to win the game.


After multiple playtests, I started polishing the level; I imported some voxel assets and set dressing the level. 

Beta Updates

After setting up the environment, I added some new features to the game.

In the left corner, it shows how many yellow boxes the fox still needs to collect. When all the yellow boxes are collected, the gate that secures the treasure chest will be unlocked and disappear; the fox can open the chest and win the game.

I also added collision detection on the water; if the fox falls into the water, the game ends, and the player fails the game.

Improvement Plans

I am happy with my first game, but the interface needs to be improved, and unfortunately, there is no menu created in this project. But I learned how to make a menu in my next project, Craving for Cheese!

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